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A Teeny Tiny Bit of Motivation

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

15 days. 360 hours. 21600 minutes. 1296000 seconds.

And then, 2018 is over.

Isn’t it funny how every year again, we all take a break from our busy lives, to stand still and watch the transition from one set of months to the other?

All of us in our own way, all of us to our own extent, but all of us do.

And, whether we want it or not, there seems to always be this demanding voice in our head that reminds us of what we didn’t do in the past year. What we didn’t accomplish. Chances we didn’t take. People we didn’t love. Perhaps people we did.

Only a few days later, when we set our first steps into 2019, the whole cycle starts again. The complete social media overload with memes on New Year’s Resolution begins and you are forced to think about the upcoming year and what you’re going to do in it. Secretly knowing half of it is not going to happen.

How about we just stop that?

You’re here. You’re working hard. You’re doing a pretty damn demanding study and you’re actually succeeding. Of course, there are people that seem to be further in life, seem to have it all together and seem to live an effortless life. Why would you care? As long as you’re following your heart. Creating from your mind. You will be fine.

We are all going to conquer the world one day.

All of us in our own way, all of us to our own extent, but all of us will.

Now knuckle down, ace those exams and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU!

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