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Art Competition 1st Place: Willemijn Hoge

After very careful consideration and intense discussion, it is with great excitement that Writing & Journalism Co. presents to you the winners of the Art Competition of Quad 1! With the theme 'beginnings' in mind, contestants were asked to create a piece in any art form.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

This is the winning piece by Willemijn Hoge.


The year of 2020 has brought with it many extreme changes, not very necessarily very positive ones. But I think that it is very easy to focus on all the negatives and with this piece I wanted to highlight some of the more positive aspects of the year so far. The theme given was beginnings, so to clearly convey this message I showed a lifecycle of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. But there is a deeper meaning to this symbolism. I wanted to highlight the new fire being lit under the black lives matter movement, creating new beginnings with world wide protests. A positive movement that came out of horrible events and hopefully something that the year 2020 will be remembered for. The cocoons I coloured purple, not their natural colour, as the colour symbolises power and ambition. I also specifically chose the monarch butterfly as they are a symbol of rebirth and that you are on the right path to reach your goals. Of course there is also no denying the existence of a pandemic in the year 2020. We often look at the negatives when reflecting on Covid-19, but I wanted to also look at some of the positives. We have been forced to leave behind what we know (our life as a caterpillar), enter a period of hibernation (cocoon) that is feeling forever. But I have faith that we will come out of this pandemic stronger than we were before. Yes life will be different but it will be beautiful and this time that we are stuck in our cocoon we can put to use to make the changes that we want to see. To not go back to how things were, business as usual, but to create new beginnings and build back better. To make the world better for all.

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