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Art Competition Honourable Mentions

The following is a collection of honourable mentions, consisting of pieces that – by the narrowest margin – didn't make the top 3 of the Art Competition of Quad 1!

With the theme 'beginnings' in mind, contestants were asked to create a piece in any art form.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

These are the honourable mentions that didn't make the top 3 by the narrowest margin.


By Amarant de Ligt:

the beginning of the end

I touch his face

as he pulls me closer

I look into his eyes

as he stares into mine

I kiss him in his neck

as he whispers in my ear

I will set you free tonight

By Ellora Sen

Sunset at Midnight

A shadow in the night

Moves different than the day

It is a concept in reverse

Because it’s here to stay

I’ll give another example

Of how to turn it around

Because sometimes in doing this

Gains sight in what wasn’t to be found

A plucked flower that is budding

Might seem a tragic loss

But the beauty is within

That adds perspective to the lot

A painting of a photo

Are two windows thus removed

It’s something in interpretation

Art just relishing to be disapproved

Sunset at midnight

Is such a pretty sight to see

It’s the dark colors of the sky

Mixed with dreams of possibility

A rain jacket with no hood

Is more common than you’d think

It’s not what’s up above

Or splashing from below

But that you’re seeking cover

From that place you were to go

A bee with no sting

Can seem such an anomaly

Like a word without definition

Floating aimlessly

Although a bee without a stinger

Might seem less than his fellow bees

Will live to buzz much longer

And laugh at life’s ridiculous, rationalities

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