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Committee Profile: Entrepreneurial Co

Over the course of this year, W&J Co plans on profiling each EUCSA committee so that EUC's student body has a go-to source for all things Comittee-related. Check out the first profile of our initiative: Entrepreneurial Co!

1. What is the mission and vision of your Co?

Entrepreneurial Co.’s mission is to provide support and guidance to students through a series of events for all phases of start-ups. Our vision is for EUC to be the hub for innovation and start-ups among educational institutes through its diverse student body, ultimately

increasing funding for student-led start-ups.

The purpose of Entrepreneurial Co. is to foster an ecosystem not just for economics or business students, but for all students at EUC. This committee not only encourages for-profit start-ups but also non-profit organizations. Its focus lies in building an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration.

2. How will you enact your mission and vision in the coming year?

The following year, we are not only going to expand on the events we created last year, but we are also bringing in panel discussions, talking about fuck ups with startups, and introducing a EUC Shark Tank!

Brainstorm is our recurring event that allows students to get a sense of entrepreneurship and inspire students to think creatively.

Furthermore, we will be hosting co-working spaces in two different ways this year. We will not only provide a space for students to come together and work on their ideas but also continue with the focused trajectory that allows them to learn how to go about launching their startup

3. What excites you about this Co?

Entrepreneurial co always attracts ambitious students that are willing to take risks and do something outside of EUC and connecting with such students is always a pleasure! Furthermore, the innovation of ideas brought up during the brainstorm always takes us back and inspires us to keep going!

4. Where do you see this Co in five years’ time?

In 5 years, we hope the students of entrepreneurial co become alumni that support future students in different manners, financially or not. We also hope to establish events this year that become a tradition at EUC, like the dean's challenge. Furthermore, solidify the relationship with committees that create an atmosphere that is the only way forward for entrepreneurship: Sustainability co., Black co., Queer co., and Womxn's co.

We hope that our emphasis on the importance of real (not marketing-based) value-based entrepreneurship is still alive in 5 years.

Chair: Anjali Agarwal

Interviewed by: Vanshika Puri

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