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EUC Student Academic Journal: New edition & call for editorial board members!

The second edition of the EUC Student Academic Journal (ESAJ) is now available at

ESAJ is a student-led journal that hopes to showcase the diversity of thought and scholarship at EUC and make the work of students in different departments more accessible to each other. Each edition publishes a selection of outstanding papers that have gone through a rigorous peer-review and editing process.

ESAJ is now recruiting editorial board members for the next edition of the journal. As an editor, you will have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the process of academic publishing and be able to hone your collaboration, communication, and writing skills in a friendly setting. Apart from the professional experience you can gain from this position, working as an editor is also a fun and rewarding experience!

Your responsibilities as an editor would entail:

1. Reading and selecting papers for publication

2. Peer review work in your areas of expertise

3. Editing grammar and formatting

4. Aiding in the design of digital and print editions

To apply to the editorial board, please send an email to indicating your major, year of study, and a short (max 150 words) motivation letter.

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