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Committee Profile: Gaming Co

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

1. What is the mission and vision of your Co?

The mission and vision of Gaming Co are to create a cozy environment full of board games, video games, and pen & paper games in which students from all years at EUC can come together and relax. We're doing this in order to foster an air of community and allow for multiple people, who wouldn't normally interact, to meet each other over the shared interests.

2. How will you enact your mission and vision in the coming year?

We plan to enact our mission in three big ways, the first of which would be hosting multiple regular board game nights where people will be able to get together and play a selection of different board games. The second way is through monthly video game tournaments, where we will be hosting various competitions in games such as Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Fifa, Just Dance, etc. Last but not least we will set up different Dungeons and Dragons parties that will be meeting on a weekly/biweekly basis and be participating in a variety of different adventures, with the aim of team building and improving problem-solving skills.

3. What excites you about this Co?

We believe that the most exciting aspect of Gaming Co is the way in which we'll be meeting more and more people in an informal context, and therefore get to know them on a more personal level. Regardless of who you are, it always helps to loosen up and relax by playing a game with other people. We want to foster a sense of community, which in turn will bring people together and build lasting friendships.

4. Where do you see this Co in five years' time?

In five years times, we know that gaming Co will have amassed a large collection of different board games as well as videogames. We're planning to host dungeon master workshops for Dungeons and Dragons in order to expand the number of regular sessions that would be available and potentially have multiple recurring parties that would be meeting up regularly. We want the communities that we forge today to last and therefore we will be doing everything within our powers to be here to help. We want Gaming Co to be known as the Co for everyone and to be the place for meeting new people and having fun game nights.

5. Why did you want to reignite Gaming Co?

We believe that the need for people enjoy themselves in a more cozy environment is vital for those people that don't necessarily feel most comfortable at loud parties filled with music and dancing. We cater to those people that want a quieter, more cozy environment, where they would be able to converse and get to know people while also playing various assortments of games.

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