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How To Survive: December

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

December is meant to be a magical time. The Christmas lights, the talk of a break, the festivities and smell of cinnamon in the air. Then there is a realisation that you are a student. Not only are you a student, but a student studying Liberal Arts and Science in the Netherlands. None of the above applies to you. December for students across this incredibly flat country brings stress, exams, deadlines, sickness and a fuck ton of rain. Therefore, I present to you a guide to surviving December.

First, buy a coat. A wise old Dutch lady told me this when I first moved here. Of course, I didn’t, and I have never regretted something so much. Coolness is not biking around Rotterdam in a jean jacket squinting your eyes as the rain and wind attacks every part of your known body and then some. Don’t buy a fashionable one but rather one that would do your mother proud. One that makes you feel like you’re in the Arctic circle, grasping for any surviving life. That is how bad Dutch weather is. Wrap up warm kids, December in the Netherlands lasts at least another two months.

Vitamins. Students need these. Not as easy to take as some drugs but when dinner consists of maiswafles and Nutella, you can be sure somewhere along the line scurvy will make a reappearance in the white EUC halls. You are allowed to laugh when everyone around you gets sick. If you don’t believe these will work, then just at least attempt the placebo effect. It’s one thing off the list to not worry about.

Last but not least remember It’s okay to take a break. We cannot be superman/woman every day. And December is rough. Money-wise and exam-wise this is just a shit storm of a month. So, take a break, have a sleep-in get shitfaced at social drinks and chug’n’write. You’ve survived so far, so get what needs to be done and treat yourself to a day in bed, if you can afford it a spa. Donation links for my day off will be below.

Even though it’s a bit late, there’s still time for you to grab some Vitamin D and hit those books. Hit those books hard enough you black out for two weeks and wake up in time for Christmas. I joke, but seriously you get charged for an ambulance ride here and drugs are cheaper. Just remember you’re nearly through it and that December is a long run not a sprint. Then 6 weeks off for those lucky people who haven’t failed any exams!

Merry Christmas my lovelies,

Lots of Love


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