"I am not your baby" - a collection by Fien van der Spek

I am not your baby

“84% of women in Rotterdam between 18-45 has had experience with (sexual) street harassment.”

“90% of these women have had to alter their behaviour because of an unsafe feeling”

(Fischer, T., & Sprado, N. (2017). Seksuele straatintimidatie in Rotterdam. Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Sexual street harassment is a phenomenon that occurs all over the world in all public spaces. Usually, someone's (alleged) gender, sexual orientation, or religious orientation can already be enough to ‘provoke’ either catcalling or street harassment. This sort of harassment unfortunately is most often aimed at at those who identify as women or non-heterosexual men. Catcalls can have great impact on the self-image and one’s view on the world. Furthermore it limits the freedom of movement of these individuals, making them avoid certain areas, dress differently, or simply don’t walk the streets as relaxed as most men. And so this series aims to awake both an understanding for those who do not experience such street harassment in their lives and to create a platform where those who have can share their story. As the publication is in the form of a box filled with these ten images printed as postcards. On the back of the card there is a space to write down one’s own story, whether they do this anonymously or public is their choice.

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