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In Commemoration of Black History Month

Excuse me,

I might be second place, but a podium finish is worth the acknowledgement. Silver may not be its weight in gold but a bit of respect through recognition would be enough.

Let me formally introduce myself:

I’m made up of 54 diverse and different parts. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not and I repeat; I am not a single unit.

The heritage and cultural richness that characterises me spans generations and generations of multi-lingual and tradition orientated nations.

In fact, I was once the beginning of humanity itself, and now I’ve been pushed to the end!

Actually, wait.

I shouldn’t be introducing myself in the first place. You know very well who I am. We’ve got a track record together; in fact we are former lovers.

Well at least that’s what I thought till looking back at our history it’s just a long, winding road potholed with years of deceit, thievery and exploitation. Battle scars I’ve grown to love to hate.

Now I feel so used and it makes me angry! I become angrier and angrier as I am subjected to your childish behaviour of ‘ghosting me’ when I need you the most and ‘acting all brand new’ when you’re around me.


You’re even too embarrassed to acknowledge that we share a history together, a one sided-one no doubt but it’s still a history, nonetheless.

So enough of the pleasantries and add some respect to my name. Your ignorance annoys the very core of my soul when you refer to me as a country, so STOP IT!

Sincerely mine (because I’m no longer yours),


P.S: I am not a country, I’m a CONTINENT.

In commemoration of Black History Month

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