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It's a strange time

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

It’s a strange time

A time in which,

doors are shut and curtains are closed

A time in which,

screaming thoughts are silenced by but one worry

A time in which,

the ones we love dearest are for that reason left alone

Photo: Isabel Bruijstens

A time in which,

it is the dogs that walk the people

A time in which,

the most social of creatures hides in private circles

A time in which,

the clock seems to have stopped ticking.

But has it?

It’s a time in which,

the green of the trees slowly fills the streets

A time in which,

the days are blessed with an extra ray of light

A time in which,

colourful flowers decorate the grass in our gardens

and soften the ground,

on which children can play

In the midst of silence

and seeming discontinuity

It’s a time in which,


nevertheless awakens

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