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Love Unrequited

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Photo: Daniel Xu

I feel your touch in the wind,

But you blow past me.

I hear your name in the rain,

But you fall past me.

I see your face in the clouds,

But you don’t see mine.

I love you,


But it’s love unrequited.

It’s a pain that I thrive in,

Day to day I survive with,

Thoughts of you,

Running through,

My mind,

And this time,

I’ll show you,

Demonstrate that I know how to,

Be there,

Be perfect,

Love you,

At your worst,


It’s still not enough,

Still unrequited love,

And still I go on,

Hearing your name in the clouds,

Seeing your face in the rain,

Feeling your touch in the wind,

Mixed up,

Messed up,


That I’m feeling.

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