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Re: shifting the debate right. #2

The courses at EUC tend to take not a "left wing" perspective but an all-rounded empirical and scientific research-based position. No matter where in the political compass, no political ideology will be fully based on this perspective and instead use research that supports their own claims, nonetheless, certain directions do tend to take a more full rounded position.

In addition to this, EUC and the problem-based learning encourages the students to reflect on their knowledge (new and old), their position (socially and academically), their environment (the positives and the negatives). This reflection creates critical thinkers that question why the status quo is in place and explore other alternatives to it. The current status quo is a place that silences people not because of their opinions but because of their existence and identity, which has been perpetuated throughout history.

With all of this in mind, I believe there is space in EUC for any political thought and perspective, but there is no space for “opinions” that deny people, as individuals or as a community. EUC and its community puts (or should put) respect for each other as the principal value. Whether they be anarchosyndicalists or extreme wolves of wall street, EUC and the community welcomes them (or should welcome them) as long as they don't disregard others as they are.

(Also if you want to know where you land on the political compass:

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