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Check out their website for more information on the various certifications they offer. If you have any questions about the certification process, it is always best to contact the agency before submitting the application. If you plan on listing for real estate, check out the code of ethics of your state’s real estate agent association. These codes are only helpful when listing your property for sale. Market Price and Closing Price The listing agent is responsible for setting the listing price. If they set the listing price to a value that the market will support, the buyers will usually be the ones to adjust the price to a value that the seller can live with. It is the listing agent’s responsibility to know the market price and use this information in their listing price. The closing price is the price at which your property will sell. You should negotiate the selling price with the listing agent to make sure you can make money on your sale. If you have sold your home before, it will be easy for you to negotiate the closing price. If you are a first time seller, you may want to enlist the help of a real estate agent. Incentives to Sell Your Home Incentives can help you get a fast and great sale. Do some research on home sales that have been successful in the past. Find out what incentive buyers took. Perhaps they had a vacation or bonus that came with the sale. It is important that you know what incentives the buyers will take before you start selling your home. Rental If you own your home free and clear, you may be tempted to rent it out. You should never feel like you have to rent your home out if you want to sell it. Renting it out may make you feel that you need to sell it sooner than you want to. If you feel that you have a waiting list, you may want to consider renting to a long term tenant. Renting your home to a long term tenant could be very beneficial to you. You will have a steady source of income if you plan to sell your home. This could also help you to get some equity built up. If you decide to put the home on the market, it will be one less thing for you to worry about. It could even help you if you are planning to buy another home. The longer you rent your home, the more equity you may have. If you feel that you do not need to use the home to make money, then you may




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Marina-y171-custom-MoX-300908.rar vygilat

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